One Man’s Quest to Make Buenos Aires a Bitcoin City

A 19-year-old information engineering student in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has started a grassroots campaign to educate local businesses about accepting bitcoin as a method. First introduced to the cryptocurrency when he was 13, Leo is intent on seeing the vision of bitcoin becoming a mainstream transactional currency realized, and believes that homegrown actions as simple as distributing informational flyers is key to the eventual widespread integration of bitcoin into everyday business and society.
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Inspired by Bitcoin’s Vision and Business Ignorance
Leo Beltran, an information engineering student, armed with a printer load of flyers detailing the benefits of offering bitcoin payments, is intent on making a bitcoin-friendly city.
Leo Beltran got into bitcoin aged 13. Now 19, he’s on a mission to bitcoinify Buenos Aires.
Beltran got the inspiration when, at an event, he asked a vendor why bitcoin was not on the list of methods they offered for their product. She laughed and dismissed the question, and he realized that most businesses either don’t know what bitcoin is or how it works, or they believe that it’s not “real” money or usable in a way that is relevant to their business.
He’d always been interested in technology, both in how fast it evolves and the speed at which it’s changing our lives. After discovering bitcoin at the age of 13, Leo kept learning about it, hoping that it would reach a point where it would become widely accepted as a currency. Once he turned 18 in 2018, he finally bought bitcoin and started trading it, but the dream of what bitcoin could be hadn’t left him.
He explains:

The thing that made me fall in love with cryptocurrencies in general, and bitcoin in particular, was that it could financially connect on the internet the same way it connects them in the real world.

A Bitcoin Paper Magician
After his encounter with the vendor who dismissed cryptocurrencies, Leo told himself that if businesses need to be educated on how to integrate bitcoin into their offerings, he might as well help make it happen. And so, his flyer movement was born.

Creating flyers was something simple and not marvelous or heroic in any way, but it’s a useful tool to start a conversation with business owners, so that’s what I did.

Leo took to the streets and started distributing home-printed flyers. To his surprise, the response was predominantly positive. In fact, he says it was “wonderful.” As he’d anticipated, most owners had no clue what bitcoin or cryptocurrencies were, but their responses were friendly and open-minded. Some, he relates, have shown genuine interest in adopting the cryptocurrency for their business.
Beltran has been distributing flyers educating local businesses on accepting bitcoin as
Leo tells that many of the owners he has spoken to make the connection with traditional fintech apps, understanding that accepting bitcoin as is quite similar to downloading an app and letting a customer scan your QR code to make a payment. In those

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