From Malta to Prague: What Is the Most Crypto-Friendly Travel Destination?

-friendly destinations for you next vacation.
Backed with continuing adoption, holidays have become a reality. At this point, flights and hotels all around the world can be booked with Bitcoin (BTC). Still, some cities are more ready to accept your BTC — and major altcoins — than others, depending on the local infrastructure and crypto-related policies.According to data from Coinmap, currently there are around 13,150 venues, shops and ATMs supporting Bitcoin on the planet, and that number has been unhesitatingly growing since late 2013.However, as Gili Gershonok, a crypto nomad who deliberately chooses not to have a bank account, told Cointelegraph, ignoring fiat money while travelling becomes more difficult, as all of the crypto prepaid cards she heavily relied on were canceled in early 2018.“I feel like more and more barriers are being set against folks who dare to have a lifestyle that’s off the financial grid… The process of going crypto-to- is getting more complicated, especially for those who prefer to keep their privacy and avoid high fees — both highly prioritized values across the community.”All of that being said, Gershonok reassured that traveling with BTC is still possible, drawing a parallel between crypto and casual tourists:“I don’t think there’s a huge difference in the financial behaviors of [the two]. In Prague, I mostly keep to cash, which I can easily withdraw out of one of many crypto ATMs across the city. I try to find crypto payment options for online transactions and as the cliché goes, for everything else — there’s plastic.”Gershonok advises those who want to try traveling fiat-free for themselves to start with their current location, and keep security in mind:“Go crypto for a week in your hometown and see what questions and challenges you come across. It would also be advisable to consider some security scenarios, like, what you would do if your phone, laptop, luggage are lost or stolen — and have contingencies in place.”As the end of the summer nears, here are some of the most crypto-friendly destinations that might be worth trying.Prague, Czech RepublicInfrastructureHome to SatoshiLabs, the manufacturer of the Trezor hardware wallet, Prague hosts the most BTC-accepting venues in the world, as per Coinmap data. There, Bitcoin can be used for renting apartments, paying for food and drinks in various bars and restaurants, or even visiting a crypto-friendly cinema. Gershonok confirms that Prague is one of the most comfortable cities for virtual currencies, naming it her personal favorite:“Businesses with crypto POS and ATMs are not everything [there]. Prague also has a really well-informed, well-connected and active crypto community. I feel like there’s more people here who casually know about cryptocurrencies and blockchain basics than in other places I’ve visited.”PoliciesAt state level, the leans toward a liberal approach to cryptocurrencies. In 2017, the local central bank declared that virtual currencies don’t represent a threat to the conventional banking system via an announcement dubbed “Don’t be afraid of Bitcoin.” In it, the watchdog argued that fiat currencies

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