A year into the pandemic: How Argentina’s economy struggled while its crypto ecosystem flourished

Let’s relive the events have that marked the Argentine crypto space since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and hear the of those in the industry that lived them from the inside.
The year 2020 will go down in history as the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the way it affected the Argentine economy. But it is also true that Argentina has been dragging along economic problems for decades, with high fiscal pressure, devaluation of the national currency (the Argentine peso), restrictions on the purchase of foreign currency, etc. Beyond that, events have occurred that have to do with attempts to regulate the crypto ecosystem, in addition to those linked to private companies and the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The following is a summary of the events that marked the last year and the of various who lived it from inside the ecosystem.First quarter of 2020With a great variety of ways to calculate the price of the U.S. dollar, in Argentina they speak of the “Bitcoin ”Investing in livestock with digital tokens is proposedThe Bitso cryptocurrency exchange lands in ArgentinaThe former of Argentina’s proposes the creation of a digital currencyGovernors of Argentina analyze the possibility of issuing cryptocurrenciesSecond quarter of 2020Bitcoin’s qualities stand out over the Argentine banking systemDemand for cryptocurrency transfers increasesBecause of COVID-19, Argentine banks put restrictions on withdrawing moneyThe president of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina warns about trends toward totalitarian ideas as a result of COVID-19The price of 1 BTC in Argentina reaches 1 million pesosBitcoin’s price reaches historic highs in Argentine pesosThe Financial Information Unit wants to tighten controls on transactions with cryptocurrenciesBitcoin completes its halvingRestrictions on buying dollars are further tightenedMonetary emission in Argentina is the greatest it’s been in the last 30 yearsBitcoinario, a Bitcoin price comparison tool, launchesPaxful confirms a significant increase in the exchange of cryptocurrencies in ArgentinaThird quarter of 2020The Financial Information Unit controls who buy dollars with cryptocurrenciesThe price of 1 BTC in Argentina is close to 1.5 million pesosAthena Bitcoin installs the first Bitcoin ATM to operate with dollars in ArgentinaA Paxful survey finds that Argentines believe investing in cryptocurrency is the most effective way to saveIt’s increasingly inconvenient to obtain dollars in ArgentinaFourth quarter of 2020Due to restrictions on dollars, the number of people using brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges increasesThe price of 1 BTC in Argentina is close to 2 million pesosDai is becoming an attractive option for Argentines looking to invest or saveOn Oct. 29, a project is presented in the of Misiones to regulate cryptocurrenciesThe of Argentina officially launches the Transfers 3.0 projectA deputy of the “Together for Change” coalition introduces a project to regulate cryptocurrenciesDeputies of the “Everybody’s Front” coalition formally present to the National Congress a project to regulate cryptocurrenciesThe book Manual de Criptomonedas (Cryptocurrency Manual) is released.Bitcoin Argentina takes a stand and expresses its discontent with initiatives to regulate cryptocurrencies without consultationsAttempts at regulationThere have been two initiatives at the national level in

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